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Product Details
Doctor Who Battles in Time Ultimate Monsters 5 Packet Offer
Price: £7.50

In this package you will receive 5 packets of the new Doctor Who Battles in Time Ultimate Monsters. Join the Doctor and face the best aliens and monsters from the past 45 years as Doctor Who: Battles in Time launches this new expansion set covering the entire history of the show. Continuing the phenomenal success of Battles in Time’s Exterminator, Annihilator and Invader sets, the Ultimate Monsters cards feature 225 brand-new, spectacular images from the entire run of the TV series.

Prepare to do battle with deadly robot angels, classic-era Cybermen, monsters from pre-history, evil gods from the dawn of time, and the creator of the dreaded Daleks himself! The new Ultimate Monsters set features special holo and lenticular super-rares and ultra-rares, plus a selection of power-boosting bonus cards that add exciting new levels to your game-play.
* 225 unique designs based on the 2007 TV adventures
* 184 common cards to collect (8 in every pack)
* 25 rare (1 in every pack); 10 super-rare (1 in every 6 packs); 6 ultra-rare (1 in every 24 packs)