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Dexter Sealed Trading Card Box
Price: £59.99 £34.99
Manufacturer: Breygent
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From the hit TV series, we have an exciting trading card release that covers the first two seasons.

Set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a serial killer who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst.

This sealed collectors trading card box includes 24 unopened packs containing 6 cards per pack.

Each box will contain a 72 card base set, keep a look out for the randomly inserted autograph, costume or prop cards.

The randomly inserted chase sets printed on holographic foil include:-

Behind the Scenes (1:24 packs) - 5 card set
The Dark Defender (1:24 packs) - 4 card set
Dexter Group (1:24 packs) - 2 card set
Dexter the Killer (1:24 packs) - 6 card set
Dexter's Relationships (1:24 packs) - 4 card set
Dexter Dream Scenes (1:24 packs) - 2 card set
Dexter Portraits (1:24 packs) - 4 card set

There are also 22 costume cards to keep a look out for as well as 11 autograph signees from the casts main charaters such as Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan), Julie Benz (Rita Bennett) and Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan

Click on Image Gallery for list of randomly inserted autograph & costume cards.