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Product Details
Star Wars Master Replicas SW-218G Darth Vader Ltd Edition 18K Gold FX Lightsaber
Price: £3,000.00

This is the most collectable and rarest lightsaber ever produced

Part of a limited edition of just 50 worldwide

This lightsaber was given to Master Replicas key people who helped make the FX lighsaber such a success. It was produced to commemorate the goal of selling over 1 million FX lightsabers and exclusively designed in a black/gold commemorative box

Please note that Master Replicas have now ceased trading since 2007 which makes this item even more collectable and much more valuable

The CEO of Corgi International (formally Master Replicas) Michael Cookson had 50 of these limited edition lightsabers exclusively produced and said “I wanted you to have this special commemorative Edition force FX lightsaber as a show of my appreciation”

This special edition lightsaber is plated in 18K gold and comes with a wall mountable stand

The handle on the regular Force FX lightsaber is metal but on this one it is plated in 18k gold

In addition to the standard Force FX lightsabers, this limited edition version has an added red 1 Watt LED at the bottom of the regular 64 LED blade. When the unit is turned on, there is a more intense light at the bottom

This gold lightsaber has never been opened and is still sealed in its original packaging

The lightsaber packaging states the wording “1.0 Million Force FX lightsaber Commemorative Edition. The Best of the Best. The Best Product Ever from the Best Licence Ever

This item comes supplied with the thank you letter signed by Master Replicas CEO Michael Cookson authenticating that it is 1 of 50 produced worldwide. There is no plaque available.

This item was never actually released on the market for public sale and would make a welcome addition to any serious Star Wars enthusiast’s collection