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Product Details
Toy Story 1 54 Card Basic Set
Price: £9.99
Manufacturer: Skybox

The first in a long line of full length computer animated movies produced by Disney in conjuction with Pixar. Toy Story stars Sheriff Woody a cowboy doll who has been Andy's favourite toy for many years. As favourite toy, Woody is the de facto leader of all the other toys in Andy's room, including Hamm, Mr Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and Rex. Woody calls for a "staff meeting" among the toys to discuss Andy's family's upcoming move, due to take place the following week. As part of the meeting, Woody announces its Andy's birthday party today as opposed to next week, as first thought, resulting in panic and terror from all the other toys. Everyone is afraid they will be replaced. Woody remains calm since he is Andy's favorite toy never expected to never be replaced by another toy. The meeting is broken up by Hamm, who has spotted the birthday guests.... recall the ups and downs of this brilliant movie with these full colour trading cards